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Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming

Online gambling is fun, but can also be dangerous. By using the different limits and do some checks now and then, you can prevent getting issues related to online gambling. This is Responsible Gaming.

Gambling Limits

Gambling limits are offered by most online casinos. These are tools that will help you prevent using too much time or money on online gambling.

Deposit Limit

A deposit limit will prevent you from depositing too much money. Set ut a deposit limit to make sure you do not gamble for more than you can afford to lose.

Wager Limit

The wager limit sets a limit for how much you can wager within a given period. By setting up a wager limit it is easy to stay in control.

Loss Limit

Loss limits does what it says. This limit will prevent you for making more bets once you have reached your limit.

Time Limit

Time flies when playing online slots or live casino. With a time limit you will get a notification once you have reached your limit. Once this limit is reached, you can not place any more bets until a new period starts.


By closing your account temporarily will give you a break from online gambling. Every now and then we do not have enough money to gamble. or just do not get any satisfaction from it. Closing the account and taking a break is responsible gaming.

Need Help?

There are several organizations that provide help for people with gambling issues, and their families. If you suspect that you, or someone you know, have developed gambling problems, we recommend contacting Gamblers Anonymus for further information. Several online casinos do also offer self test, where you can see if you have gambling issues or potential gambling issues.